NICU Donation Program

Aspen Judith 3lbs 4oz

You never think that you will be apart of this club. You think to yourself "I could never be strong enough for that" or even "I literally can't imagine." Until, unexpectedly you live through it. I never thought that the blue prints of my life included adding "NICU Mama" to the long list of title's I hold. Having a daughter that spent the first 39 days of her life in a NICU unit, was hands down, the hardest experience I had ever walked through. Looking back however, I gained so much strength as a Mother, a woman, a Wife, as well as a new found respect for the courageous men and women that have walked or are still walking this journey like I once did. When I sat down and wrote out my business plan for Harper Grace + Co, I knew that I wanted to give back in some way. I felt pulled towards NICU. If you have a NICU to nominate through experience, witnessing someone else's journey, or maybe even a unit you work at- please email us to nominate them. Email listed below.  At the beginning of every month we will choose one, and at the end of the month we will create a Heaven Sent onesie for every single purchase made during that month- and ship it out to them. 

Thank you for making a difference along side us.

In the header please put "NICU Nomination"

Information we will need:

Your name (you can put anonymous if you would like)

Hospital Name

Hospital Address

Why are you nominating them?


If you simply like to DONATE directly to our Heaven Sent onesie program, please reach out to us via the email listed above (put DONATE on subject line) and we can forward our PayPal info!